About Morteza Mahjoob (GM):

Its now 12 years that 29 years old Morteza Mahjoob is one of the Iranian National Chess Team members. His full name is Morteza Mahjoob Zardast. He is Iran chess champion in the last Iran championship games. It was the second time that Morteza achieved this success.

Morteza Mahjoob won many prizes in different chess games in the world, from China to Dubai and Italy. He have started his professional life as a chess player since he was 13, and became iran youth champion in 1994, then he became Iran students champion in the next year. In 2000, when he had just 20 years old, he stopped GM Anatoly Karpov in a simultaneous chess game between karpov and Iran national team.

Morteza won many championship cups in asia and Iran such as Iranian and asian chess clubs championships in different years. His last chess club is FajrShams Atieh, which employed many other Iranian chess champions. In 2008, in the asian chess championship games in lebanon he won 3 different gold medals in singular, team and best player .

Morteza, is the world recorder of simultaneous chess game. Last year ye played against 500 players simultaneously and broke the record. His last international championship this year, was in asian chess games in vietnam, in which he won the silver medal of Asia. He also won the team bronze medal of asia with Iranian National chess team there.

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